If you feel like this, it may be because your business is working against the laws of physics.

How the Law of Conservation of Complexity Inhibits Business Growth

Dealing with complexity is one of the greatest barriers to business growth, but many business owners still hope to violate the laws of nature.

11 min readMay 16, 2019


Most of us learn the Law of Conservation of Energy in high school, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Since we learn of this Law in physics class, most of us don’t realize just how much it affects our lives in every way, including business or any human organization. This is because energy is equivalent in nature to complexity, and complexity follows the same laws of nature as energy. In other words, complexity cannot be created or destroyed, only moved.

In the world of software development, this Law is called “Tesler’s Law” and has been a growing concept for frustrated software developers to try and explain their living hell to closed-ears employers and entrepreneurs. However, the Law is actually a law of nature itself (thermodynamics specifically) and applies to any system, organism, or organization. In regards to business, the success of any enterprise is determined by its ability to manage as much complexity as possible internally, and reduce complexity to the customer.

Law of Conservation of Complexity…



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