If you feel like this, it may be because your business is working against the laws of physics.

Dealing with complexity is one of the greatest barriers to business growth, but many business owners still hope to violate the laws of nature.

Most of us learn the Law of Conservation of Energy in high school, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Since we learn of this Law in physics class, most of us don’t realize just how much it affects our lives in every way, including business or any human organization. This is because energy is equivalent in nature to complexity, and complexity follows the same laws of nature as energy. In other words, complexity cannot be created or destroyed, only moved.

In the world of software development, this Law is called “Tesler’s Law” and has been a growing…

Showing unparalleled innovation, Google finally removes all the pesky inconvenience of discernment or self-awareness*

Following the successful launch of Google Nest Hub 2.0, where Google watches you while you sleep, Google has announced the upcoming Google Thought. Google Thought is a breakthrough in search that shows you ad recommendations while you think about what you are searching for. To be released in the coming year, Google Thought is set to revolutionize the search marketing industry again.

Google stated in the announcement to the press this morning, “Google Nest was a hard act to follow. We were all asking ourselves, ‘How can we be even more obnoxious as a digital advertising company?’ …

Advertising your business on Google or Bing can be a really great way to drive business, but often falls flat due to basic misunderstandings.

Search Advertising is a term that encompasses the practice of placing online ads through searching services like Google and Bing Ads. These placements are paired with other forms of advertising that target people based on the keywords they typically use to search online. Although search advertising can be one of the most effective marketing tactics with the highest ROI that can be used to drive consistent business growth, it can also be a huge waste of money. …

If we adapt to change, our economy will recover faster. Going back to normal is not an option.

The tension between medical experts and economic pundits is growing rapidly. It seems like America is facing a choice between a long-term economic shut-down or massive death due to COVID-19 and an overwhelmed healthcare system. The reality is, while the economy will face an unavoidable downturn, and there will be a struggle to care for those who succumb to the virus, the extreme choice being presented to the American people is nothing more than a lack of imagination. There is a way to avoid both extremes.

The third option is to provide economic stimulus and guidance based on a vision…

Currency is more powerful than borders in defining nations, and Facebook wants to turn users into citizens.

It’s a common trope to characterize entrepreneurs and CEO’s as megalomaniacs, but Mark Zuckerberg is acting like a legit real-life Bond villain. As of writing this, Facebook is trying to get permission to launch its own form of cryptocurrency, Libra. While Facebook has a lot of obstacles to overcome for Libra to succeed, the potential consequences of Libra’s success are terrifying.

Libra really can disrupt and destroy the world order. (When I say “world order,” I simply mean “the way the world is currently ordered” not that Libra will take down the Illuminati or other conspiracy-theory uses of the word.)…

Yes, you’re being manipulated… but you want to be.

After two decades in the marketing industry, I’ve learned one absolute truth: You can’t make people buy things they don’t want to. You can LIE to them, and tell them what you are selling is actually something they want, but that doesn’t last long… and usually ends in jail or litigation. People have a false idea that marketers are wizards of mind-control, subconsciously influencing the masses against their will. The truth is much, much more depressing.

No, this isn’t a review of Jason Stanley’s “How Propaganda Works.” If anything, it’s a counter-argument. Jason, like many, seem to feel that humanity…

Photo from: Lamont Lindstrom, University of Tulsa, http://doi.org/10.29164/18cargo

An observation of isolated cultures reveals society’s most foolish behavior.

A fish can’t see the ocean, nor is it aware of the water it swims in. Likewise, as we struggle to understand ourselves, the largest and most pervasive influences on our behavior are often the most difficult to observe. “Cargo Cults” are a cultural phenomenon observed in isolated societies, but they give us a chance to see a human tendency we all share. In a desperate attempt to reproduce the success of others, we tend to imitate the wrong things.

What Are “Cargo Cults?”

Cargo Cults are materialistic religions that grew in isolated tribal societies after being exposed to visitors from Western civilization during…

Often, the reason people hate their marketing is because of bad expectations.

I was recently invited to speak at the Boone County Home and Business Expo in Lebanon, IN on Digital Marketing. The video and article is an excerpt of my opening talk on what marketing can and can’t do as a whole. It is an important concept for anyone to understand before they invest in marketing.

Marketing CAN…

…Help People Know You Exist

This is probably the most essential power of marketing. After all, no one can buy from you if they don’t know you exist, right? While this may…

Online marketing is still the wild west; the best thing you can do for your business is demand transparency and ownership of data.

Businesses tend to see digital and online marketing like magic. They want to hire wizards to make it work, and seldom ask the right questions or get involved in the process. The thinking seems to come down to “Am I getting leads?” If yes, good, if not, then they look for a better wizard. This cycle has left the marketing industry largely unaccountable, with all the activity happening behind a curtain that businesses owners can’t see.

While this may feel like it is just part of the nature of digital marketing, it isn’t. There is no good reason for your…

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I’m a marketing strategist who hates the marketing industry.

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