If you feel like this, it may be because your business is working against the laws of physics.

Dealing with complexity is one of the greatest barriers to business growth, but many business owners still hope to violate the laws of nature.

Showing unparalleled innovation, Google finally removes all the pesky inconvenience of discernment or self-awareness*

Advertising your business on Google or Bing can be a really great way to drive business, but often falls flat due to basic misunderstandings.

If we adapt to change, our economy will recover faster. Going back to normal is not an option.

Currency is more powerful than borders in defining nations, and Facebook wants to turn users into citizens.

Yes, you’re being manipulated… but you want to be.

Photo from: Lamont Lindstrom, University of Tulsa, http://doi.org/10.29164/18cargo

An observation of isolated cultures reveals society’s most foolish behavior.

What Are “Cargo Cults?”

Marketing CAN…

Online marketing is still the wild west; the best thing you can do for your business is demand transparency and ownership of data.

Chris the Brain

I’m a marketing strategist who hates the marketing industry.

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